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How do I play?

Simply create your heroes and watch them fight, progress, level up and unlock new options!

When do I unlock things?

You unlock stats points as well as new heroes by reaching certain floors. The top menu shows you the floor at which you unlock something new

How does the game save?

It uses cloud save (as well as a local backup)! If you are logged in to Kongregate, the game automatically saves to the cloud every thirty seconds or so. Obviously this requires an internet connection to work, but if you lose internet for a bit, it'll pick up later. If you switch devices and continue on another device later, it'll grab your save from the cloud if you are logged in to the same Kongregate account. Warning: If you decide to run two version of the game to compare strategies, it's better not to run those from the same Kongregate account (incognito without being logged in is fine). Otherwise, both versions may sync to the cloudsave and that could cause the "wrong" version to be considered recent

When can I prestige and what does that mean?

Your first prestige will be unlocked when your team reaches level 100. You can reset your level to acquire "prestige point(s)". These can be spent on a variety of upgrades that improve your next run!

Is there more content after prestige?

Yes. There are more layers to prestige. They consume all of your previous prestige points, as well as points spend on stats upgrades. This will set you back a bit, but allow you to reach even higher numbers when you proceed. and once you get to around prestige layer 20, you'll unlock ascension which offers a whole new mechanic to further push your limits!

What is the highest prestige layer?

Who told you there is one? No one should know this yet!

I have six heroes, why didn't I get a seventh?

Six heroes is the limit, or the game would get too slow later on. However, after your sixth hero, your stats are now multiplied instead of receiving another hero. Meaning if you would have 7, your heroes now have 7/6 power, or 117%. This keeps increasing and is yet another multiplier!

How does offline progress work?

Offline progress is obtained when you return to the game after having it closed for a while. When processing offline progress, the game actually does all the calculations it would have done if the game was open, but much faster (up to 5 minutes per second, depending on your device speed). This means it is identical to keeping the game open, without the need to actually keep the game open when you're busy living life! More importantly, you can freely interact with the game during offline progress. When you open any tab other than the battlefield, progress is paused and any changes you make are included in the offline progress processing. So when used properly, it can result in a very similar result as checking in to the game every few minutes

How much offline progress do I obtain when I'm away?

The first hour gives 100% progress, after that you get hours offline ^0.98, up to a maximum of 7 days of offline progress, obtained after roughly 186 hours of being offline. This means offline progress is 90-100% as effective as online progress. The maximum amount of offline time is based on your total time played (including offline progress), to not overwhelm new players with too much offline progress. The first five hours of the offline progress cap are obtained in about 15 hours of playtime, the first hour of offline progress is obtained in an hour. 24 hours of offline progress is obtained after roughly 200 hours played, the maximum cap of 7 days of offline progress is obtained with roughly 213 days played. You can find your current offline progress cap in the options tab

I feel like I'm progressing too slow, are there any guides?

manowar999 was nice enough to write a guide for the game, you can find it as a sticky on the forums! Additionally, Frogger was nice enough to update it shortly after the Steam release, it can be found among the Steam community guides. It can definitely be of use if you feel like you're missing something. But of course, you can figure it all out by yourself as well if you prefer that! Oh, and additional tabs will appear in this Info section as well when that becomes relevant. So check those out when something is unclear!

What do these numbers with e mean?

Upon reaching numbers above 100000, they are displayed as 1e5, where the number after e represents the amount of zeros after the first number. This often refered to as scientific notation. When numbers get above 1e100000, they are instead represented as ee5.00, where the number after ee represents the number of zeroes that the previous number of zeroes had. Mathematically, 1eN == 10^N. Where eeN == 10^(10^N). Simply said, the more e's are in the number, the higher the number is. The higher the numbers behind the e's, the higher the number. Let's get those numbers up!


The Armory provides class specific items. Some of which are stats improvements, others come with new mechanics to the gameplay. Details of all Armory items are located at the bottom of the Armory tab (you may need to scroll to see them), but here they are as well:

All equipment multiplies your base stats, and is affected by other multipliers as well!

Damage taken: When your warriors damage taken is divided, you only take a portion of incoming damage. The incoming damage is divided before armor is subtracted, meaning armor gains power through damage reduction

Overkill: When your warrior deals more damage than the enemy has health, x% of that damage carries over to the next enemy (and the next, if you dealt that much)

Blessed: Every time a hero is healed by a cleric, all stats of all heroes are increased by x%. This works incrementaly for every heal, but it resets on respawn

Overheal: When your cleric healed more than the targets max-health, x% of that healing goes over the maximum health. Up to 1000x the targets maximum health

Critical chance: Your rangers have x% chance to deal critical damage

Morale: All stats of all heroes get multiplied by this percentage (+100%) for every paladin alive. And yes, it stacks with multiple paladins

Synergy: When your paladin attacks, it also heals for x% of its healing. When your paladin heals, it also attacks for x% of its damage

The following effects apply to items that are only revealed a bit further into the game:

Charge speed: Reduces the time it takes to proceed to the next floor by 10% per warrior (x0.9^warriors)

Revival speed: Reduces the time it takes to respawn after death or prestige by 10% per cleric (x0.9^clerics)

Combat speed: Reduces the time between combat actions by 10% per ranger, for both allies and enemies (x0.9^rangers)

Unity: Increases the effect of Charge, Revival and Combat speed by 1% per unique class in the party (additive) per paladin (also additive). This applies to the buffs other classes provide and does not directly give the bonus itself. Example: with two paladins, two rangers, a cleric and a warrior. Combat speed (ranger) would be x((0.9 - 0.08)^2), 0.08 being four unique classes times two paladins (8%), and 2 being the amount of rangers. Reducing time per combat action to 67%. Revival and charge speed are affected similary by the Unity bonus

Double speed for units after the first: Both friendly and enemy units after the first in their group do their actions at double speed

Bundle prestige stats: Have a single prestige "all-stats" upgrade instead of having experience, health, damage, armor and healing separately. It costs the same as one stat normally would, but powers all five at once. Additionally, you can switch the heirloom to only power experience and damage, would you not want to use defensive stats. This still values the stats as if it were five for bonus calculations. Tip: If you feel like this slowed down your progress, take a look at the auto-prestige: "on small floor change" setting, that allows autobuyers to trigger before a respawn happens

Boss spawning only: Causes enemies to no longer spawn in groups but instead as single enemies that yield ^1.01 as much experience


Prestige resets your current level and floor back to 1, but awards you with prestige points to spend on upgrades and unlocks. Unlocked heroes and armory upgrades do not reset when you prestige


Stat upgrades improve your experience gain, max health, damage, armor and/or healing. Points that you have claimed or invested in stats upgrades also increase future prestige point gain

Buy multiplier

You can toggle the buy multiplier to buy stats upgrades in bulk. Say you have 5 experience upgrades, and set the buy multiplier to x2, the next purchase would go for 10 experience upgrades. You can right-click the buy multiplier as well, to cycle through the options in reverse (that goes for many options in the game)

Gameplay unlocks

These unlocks are limited to one purchase per prestige layer and don't count toward the bonus prestige point gain that stats upgrades do. Individual unlock descriptions can be found below the unlocks in the prestige tabs

Why do I gain prestige points so slowly?

Try spending more prestige point in the current layer, as well as the previous layer(s). The amount gained increases with the amount claimed on that layer

Prestige AutoBuyer options

Prestige AutoBuyers trigger when the configured auto-prestige setting applies. By default, this is on respawn. In this case, when your team respawns, and the autobuyers are able to buy at least the configured minimal amount of stats, they will automatically trigger a prestige

AutoBuyer strategies

Split or singles: Splits points between all stats when it can, but buys single stats if splitting wasn't possible due to limited points

Split only means: Only buys if all enabled autobuyers can trigger at once

Split or exp: Buys split only with a single stat exception for experience

AutoBuyers on manual prestige (buy max)

If this is enabled, autobuyers will automatically purchase stats when the layer is manually prestiged (if the autobuyer is purchased and enabled on the layer above)

Default minimal buy multiplier

If the minimal autobuy amount is not specified for a given layers, this minimal autobuy multiplier will be used instead

AutoBuyer priority

Configure whether you want to prioritize higher or lower prestige layers, or the layer that can currently buy the biggest stat gain. Only one layer is auto-prestiged at a time, so it can be used to build up more points at lower layers, or focus on higher layers

Auto prestige

Configures when you want your autobuyers to auto-prestige. The options are listed below
On respawn: Triggers an auto-prestige after your team has died and respawns. This is used if you want to push as far as possible.
On medium floor change: This triggers an auto-prestige if the change between floors is smaller than 20% of your current floor, and the skip is smaller than your max skip. This can be used to prestige more often, because it does not wait for a respawn
On small floor change: Similar to medium floor change, but instead triggers if the floor change is smaller than 1% of your current floor, used to push a bit longer, but still trigger before respawn
Never: I'm sure you can figure this one out :) You could use it if you prefer to prestige manually, but I wouldn't recommend it further in the game

Allow auto-prestige for default layers

This setting is unlocked a little later, if you don't see it yet. It can be used to disable auto-prestige for layers that don't have a specifically configured minimal autobuy. This is particulary useful if you only want to use a specific set of prestige layers for auto-prestige. Disabling this does not prevent soft-prestige from working, as that doesn't require an auto-prestige

Prestige QuickView

The prestige quickview can be enabled under Options>Combat log. It shows a summary of current prestige layers below the combat log. For each layer (L#), the current (experience) multiplier is shown, as well as the combined total (T, or PT). When you reach more than 15 prestige layers, the prestige quickview only displays the first ten, and last five prestige layers. Of course, other layers are still included in total values

Gameplay tips

Before you reach Ascension it is often advised to focus on lower prestige layers to build up more prestige points, because they are easier to acquire and reward points for higher prestige layers. Because of this, you might want to set autobuyers to prioritize lower layers. However, if you feel that prestige layer one is firing too often for small increases, you probably want to increase the minimal autobuy multiplier. This can be set to x10, until that's too low, x100, increasing in steps that work for you. At some point you'll probably want to use dynamic settings such as (√√√√√(current)+10)x , because they start to scale better mid-game. But keep in mind, if your prestige autobuyers don't fire, you may have set the minimal buy multiplier too high for your current point in progression


Ascending resets all your prestige layers, including their gameplay unlocks. In return it awards you with ascension points and perk point(s). Ascension points can be spend on even stronger unlocks to further optimize progression. Details regarding the specific ascension unlocks can be found below the gameplay unlocks in the ascension tab(s)


Every time you ascend, you receive perk points. Perk points can be spend in the perks tab and unlock automation features such as free gameplay unlocks when prestiging into new layers. These automated unlocks do not consume prestige point, so you'll need fewer prestige points to acquire the unlocks you want.

There are also perks to automatically purchase Armory items and unlock new prestige layers. These automatically unlock new prestige layers when you've acquired enough prestige points to do so. It can also wait for multiple prestige layer unlocks at once, if you find skipping a layer to be more efficient. Enable the additional perks to do so.

Perks can be enabled/disabled at any time, and refund all points they cost when you disable them. So feel free to switch around perks if you so desire! But do keep in mind that they won't give free prestige unlocks retroactively


Ascension trials are more difficult ascensions that are completed when their goal is met. When finished, they provide a permanent improvement to progression, exclusive to that particular ascension trial. For your first trail after Ascension, I'd advise to try the speed trial. It can be failed, but doesn't have a penalty if it does. Once you are able to complete that in time, you may want to attempt some of the harder trials


After a new ascension, the recovery period starts. Until your maximum prestige layer matched your unlocked prestige layer once, you receive ascension points based on the unlocked prestige layer. So ascension point gain keeps going up until all available layers are unlocked. Once recovery is finished once in the current ascension, you'll receive ascension points based on available prestige layers, rather than unlocked ones. So you won't need to actually unlock them after this point (you may still want to, for prestige unlocks). This really only becomes relevant once you have enough ascension stats to reach prestige layer 20 instantly

Ascension QuickView

When ascension is unlocked, the Prestige QuickView is automatically extended with ascension information. The previous information is still there, with the prestige total displayed as PT. Additionally, the ascension stat multipliers are shown below that. PL is the prestige power which forms the base for ascension allstats. It goes up with the highest unlocked prestige layer in the current ascension. After that, each currently unlocked ascension layer has its stats multiplier shown, as well as the ascension total (AT). Finally the combined total of ascension stats and prestige stats is shown as total (T)

Ascension AutoBuyer options

Ascension AutoBuyers trigger when the configured auto-ascend setting applies. By default, this is "when possible". In this case, it auto-ascends as soon as it can. But this may be before recovery is finished

AutoBuyers on manual ascension (buy max)

Similar to prestige, causes your auto-buyers to fire when you manually ascend (or with the auto-ascend perk)

Default minimal buy multiplier

If the minimal autobuy amount is not specified for a given ascension layer, this minimal autobuy multiplier will be used instead

AutoBuyer priority

Configure whether you want to prioritize higher or lower ascension layers, or the layer that can currently buy the biggest stat gain. Only one layer is auto-ascended at a time, so it can be used to build up more points at lower layers, or focus on higher layers

Mixed prioritization: Combines both prioritization options into one. Until you unlock the ascension layer 3 autobuyer, it behaves equal to higher layer priotization. After that, layers above the second only fire if all layers below it would also be able to fire. With the exception to the layer 1 autobuyer, which is excluded from this logic because it acquires ascension points differently to other layers. As an example: the ascension layer 4 autobuyer will only fire if both the layer 2 and layer 3 autobuyers are also able to fire at that time, if that applies, it fires for the highest layer, in this example, layer 4. If layer 2 could fire, but layer 3 couldn't, it would fire for layer 2 in the same example
Mixed prioritization range: Mixed layer prioritization has an additional option to configure the range it uses. Layers that don't meet their autobuy requirement yet, but have enough ascension points available to fall within this range, are considered minor autobuy targets. Instead of looking at the highest consecutive autobuy target reached, it will look for the highest chain of minor autobuy targets. If a regular autobuy target is reached within that chain, it will determine the layer to ascend on. If either the highest layers in the chain, or the layer below it meets the regular autobuy target, it will ascend on the highest layer in the minor chain. Otherwise, it'll ascend on the highest layer in the chain that meets the regular autobuy target. In the earlier example, layer 2 could fire, layer 3 couldn't and layer 4 could. If layer 3 happened to be in the configured range, it would fire on ascension layer 4 after all
Biggest stats gain, handle AL1 as: Determines whether you want to include AL1 in the biggest stats gain logic (default layer), or only ascend it when no other layers meet their minimal requirement (fallback layer). Because AL1 has less diminishing return than higher layers, it provides less value to frequently ascend it when you're at high ascension layers
Biggest stats chain: Similar to mixed prioritization, this will only include ascension layers 3+ in the biggest stats gain comparison if all layers below them have reached their minimal autobuy target as well (with the exception of layer 1)

Auto ascend

Configures when you want your autobuyers to auto-ascend. The options are listed below
When possible: As soon as any auto-buyer meets its requirements, it'll fire an auto-ascend
After recovery: After a new ascension, the recovery period starts. Until your maximum prestige layer matched your unlocked prestige layer once, you receive ascension points based on the unlocked prestige layer. So ascension point gain keeps going up until all layers are unlocked. This setting waits for those unlocks to finish, and fires as soon as possible after that
After prestige unlock: This setting waits for ascension recovery to finish as well, but will only fire within 15 seconds of a prestige layer unlock. If it couldn't buy anything within that period, it waits for a new prestige layer unlock. This can be used to push until your perks trigger a new unlock. Since recovery is already finished when that happens, unlocks aren't actually required to gain all ascension points and it won't wait for other unlocks to finish

Ascension Dashboard

Upon unlocking the 500 points perk, the ascension dashboard is enabled. It displays a table of stats containing time spent since a specific reset, highest level since, highest floor, AP/H (relative to the ascension layer). Additionally, you can enable the following values
Highest layer peak: Displays the peak of AP/H of the highest relevant layer during a specific reset
Available/Claimed % / AutoBuy Target: This one contains two values in a single line. The first being the currently available points on a layer, divided by the currently claimed points (including spent on stats). Say you could currently ascend for 50 points on a layer, and you already have 100 points on that layer, the A/C % would be 50%. If your autobuyer was set to 1.4x, that would be a little above 100%, that is shown as the ABT (AutoBuy Target). When the A/C % surpasses the ABT %, you know the autobuyer is able to fire based on the minimal buy multiplier


Transcending resets all your ascension and prestige layers, including their gameplay unlocks. In return it awards you with transcension points and perk point(s). Transcension points can be spend on upgrades that improve ascension point gain. More details about specific layers can be found in the transcension tab

Acquiring transcension points

Transcension points (for the first layer) are based on the highest ascension layer reached during that transcension. This includes partial progress to the next layer. For those that like math: the base TP gain formula is (8^(AL-3))%, and partial progress is calculated as (pointsInCurrentLayer/requiredPointsForNextLayer)^0.5, which is added to the AL value of the first formula. When available transcension points surpass claimed points (including those spent on upgrades), a diminishing return applies


Every time you transcend, you receive perk points. Transcension perks, unlike those for ascension, activate passively and seperately per ascension layer. Specifics can be found in the perks sub-tab of the transcension tab. Similar to ascension perks, ascension gameplay unlocks provided by transcension perks are activated immediately so in the example of Improved Ascension Reset, that activates directly upon unlocking the ascension layer

What does transcension reset?

Transcension reset ascension layers and their upgrades and gameplay unlocks. Ascension trials and perks persist through transcension. So trial don't need to be repeated during transcensions, and have their bonus effects applied form the start. Unlike ascension, transcension resets ascension to ascension layer 1 with 0 points claimed, so passive bonusses such as prestige power work from the start

Transcension QuickView

When transcension is unlocked, the Prestige QuickView is automatically extended with transcension information. All prestige and ascension information is still there, but an additional row with the combined totals per ascension point gain per layer is shown below. If you have an x4 bonus for AL1 through TL1, and an x2 bonus from TL2, it'll show a total AL1 bonus of x8, and an AL2 bonus of x2

Incremental Adventures

A game by Gniller


Feel free to talk to other players, here in the Kongregate chat, on the forum or use any of the links below:

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Reach out to Gniller on any of these platforms if you feel like you should reach the developer! Your feedback and bug reports are always appreciated!


Patashu for break_eternity.js, which he was nice enough to release under the MIT license. This allows our numbers to go as high as they do!

The Kongregate community for the incredible amount of feedback and suggestions that helped shape the game!

Welcome to Incremental Adventures!

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The game supports all modern browsers (Chrome, FireFox, Edge, Safari, etc.). Sadly Internet Explorer does not support modern JavaScript, which the game requires

Flash is not required to run this game. It is entirely HTML5