Progress Knight 2.0

Age has caught up to you
14Age 0 Day

Time Warping:
Affects game speed
Abilities can increase its multiplier
  • You stumble across a strange looking amulet on your 25th birthday. It does not look like it has any worth on the market given that it's made from cheap-looking copper. However, you feel a weird urge to keep the amulet, so you slip it into your pocket for safekeeping.
  • On your 45th birthday, you feel the amulet shiver uncontrollably in your pocket. You take it out and the constant shivering suddenly stops. More to your bizarre surprise, you notice a strange etching on the centre of the amulet.
  • On your 65th birthday, you once again encounter the strange, unexplained shivering from your amulet. But this time, a living eyeball emerges from the centre. Although terribly frightened, you realise you do not have many years to live left anyway so you consider touching the eye to see what happens.
    By touching the eyeball, you will be reborn and have to restart life again, losing all your levels and coins. However, you will gain xp multipliers for your classes and abilities equivalent to: 1 + the max level of the class or ability / 10. This means you will learn everything again much more quickly than you did in your previous life. Something tells you that the amulet might evolve after living for 2 whole centuries and transform even further after living for a millennium and reach its final form after ten millenia...

  • Your gut instinct was right. The moment you hit the grand age of 200, you hear an ominous hum coming from the amulet. A mouth emerges from its surface and begins to cackle, and proceeds to say: "So you've made it this far... Are you ready to embrace evil?"
    If you decide to embrace evil, all of your levels, coins and even max levels will be reset. You will be reborn as a fresh slate. However, you will unlock a new line of skills and gain evil, and which will heavily impact your future lives.

  • A thousand years have come and gone and yet, you still remain alive... somehow. You feel your amulet shivering again and to your surprise, you see small tendrils full of eyeballs emergin from it. As you are about to drop the amulet, you hear frightening screech followed by whispers in your head... "You have to embrace the Void..."
    You have unlocked "The Void" class category along with "Void Manipulation" abilities.

  • Ten millenia have passed... most of them spent serving the Void, yet there is still a glimpse of humanity inside of you. All of the sudden your amulet starts to glow in the distance, illuminating darkness around you with the brightness of thousand suns. With the very last remnant of your free will you run to your amulet and touch it... "You are now part of something bigger than yourself..."
    You have unlocked "Galactic Council" class category along with "Celestial Powers" abilities.
    By clicking on Transcend, you will be reborn once again, losing all your coins, evil and current levels. However your max level won't be erased but multiplied with Cosmic Recollection ability and you will gain essence, new ability that will boost you even further in your journey.
    Transced will only show up if you have Cosmic Recollection ability unlocked!

  • Import/export save

  • Toggle light/dark mode

  • Join the discord community!

  • Hard reset game

  • Misc

  • Shortcuts

    Arrow Keys - Menu navigation
    Spacebar - Pause
    P - Auto-promote
    L - Auto-learn
    Save profile with: Alt + "1-3" / Load profile with "1-3"